ORIGINALLY from London’s East End, Keith Austin has been a journalist more than 30 years. After working in local newspapers in London, Essex and the Home Counties he made the move to Fleet Street in 1986 when he joined The Sunday Times as deputy chief sub. Since then Keith has worked in Glasgow, Beijing and, for the past 17 years, Sydney, Australia. He has been freelance since November 2008.

HE HAS been, variously, a chief sub, production editor, travel editor, feature writer, regular columnist, news reporter, restaurant critic, TV critic, book reviewer and senior feature writer. He has also edited two cookbooks (Blokes and Seafood) and two editions of the Good Pub Food Guide NSW. He is passionate about food, drink, travel, writing, photography, humour and football. But not in  that order. He is a very occasional blogger at SCOFF (

Keith has just finished another children’s book, SNOW, WHITE, as part of his two-book deal with Random House UK.

Keith lives in Sydney, Australia, and can be contacted on: MOBILE: (+61) 438-252233 or EMAIL:

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