Welcome to the weird world of GRYMM

Posted on May 19, 2012


Where your worst nightmares come true

A surreal, creepy spine-shivery tale peopled with characters from your worst nightmares! Childhood will never be the same again …

Something stirred in the gravelly yard beneath their window . . . A soft slippery nuzzle, the sort of sounds you’d expect a pig to make with its snout in a trough . . . The small mining town of GRYMM perched on the very edge of the Great Desert is the kind of town you leave – but when Dad gets a three-month contract in the mine there, Mina and Jacob, unwilling stepbrother and sister, are reluctantly arriving. From a grotesque letting agent who seems to want to eat their baby brother, a cafe owner whose milkshakes contain actual maggots and the horribly creepy butcher, baker and candlestick-maker, Mina and Jacob soon realize that nothing in GRYMM is what is appears to be. And then things get seriously weird when their baby brother disappears – and no one seems to even notice! In GRYMM, your worst nightmares really do come true . . .

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